About Us

Our story starts in 2005 when cousins Mike and Martin embarked on a mission to create a company dedicated to hard working parents who know no boundaries when it comes to giving their children the best opportunities in life.

Inspired by their immigrant parents who migrated to the United States, leaving behind much of their lives in their home country to give their children a better life, our founders created Foothill Child Development Services (FCDS). FCDS is an ABA therapy agency committed to providing quality services and resources that simplify the complexities of life for parents with children that have learning and behavioral difficulties.

Their decision to go into ABA services was further reinforced when a family member was diagnosed with Autism and his parents could not find an ABA service provider that did not require a months-long waiting period.

What started out as a small business concept driven by Mike and Martin’s passion, has now become one of the leading providers of ABA services in Los Angeles County.